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Neuroplasticity - the ability of the brain to form and reorganise neural connections throughout life, especially in response to learning, new situations or to changes in their environment

The body adapts acording to what these are

We continue to adapt until we die - make some good choices

Our services

Personal Training, Classes & Workshops

We create new biological adaptations daily from our thoughts and actions throughout our lifetime

Our training is for people who…
* want and intelligent approach to their training
* want to perform your best now and who…
* aspire to continually develop over a lifetime
* can leave the ego at the door
* have a growth mindset
* are hard working
* may involved in a movement pursuit/sport but need to widen the spectrum of your toolkit and challenge your training methods
* might be stuck with a movement skill problem and require better understanding

"If you don't use scientific principles and logical questions to guide your thought process, you will fall victim to using so-called 'functional exercises' performed with dysfunctional joints which will effectively train you to become more dysfunctional." (Dewey Neilsen)

* Can you function with basic human movements or to learn more complex ones?
* Have the effects of your job, home life or sport finally got hold of you?
* Are you Injured, or unable to move well?
* How do you know if your joints or movements are dysfunctional and causing injury?
* How do you know whether your training type is contributing to creating a dysfunctional body?

Education Services

We have evolved to learn while on the move so why are we at desks all the time? Much of the scientific literature endorses the link between moving and improved learning so don't we have a responsibility to act on this evidence?

Sitting for long periods has been identified as an independant helth risk factor, much like smoking. It also affects childrens posture and readiness to move.

Evidence shows the power of exercise on optimising cognition with physiological and psychological effects of exercise and the brain. Moving is for everyone, it is a basic human requirement!

We have many solutions which promote physical activity in the classroom which will strengthen joints and muscles of children (and staff!!), while allowing optimal learning.

Cerebrun works to educate teachers and staff, change perceptions and view your environment in different ways.

Learn from many staff presentations, workshops, learning interventions.

Contact to find out how to get the whole school involved with movement projects.

Corporate Movement services

We explore the neuroscience of habits and how the working environment effects mental performance.

We have interventions that will get you thinking about all the small things your company can do to optimise performance of your key assets... your employees!

Focusing on employee health, wellbeing and stress management has traditionally used health belief model for behaviour change. Although education is the foundation to understand the problem, it will not provide results until you account for what guides our attention and consquently our actions.

If you employ someone to think, then allow them to. We provide consultancy, bespoke workshops and wellness programs on...
*Envirinmental design and modifications
*Physical screens
*Psychology of performance
*Mindfulness / Atttentional /Focus training
*Movement initiatives & Worksite challenges
*Activity and Health campaigns
*Science of Happiness and Motivation
*Thinking skills

Restore essential human skills to your workforce, light up their brains. Note: We use Scientific basis, and a non dogmatic precription to all of the above - it is for everyone regardless of beliefs or biases

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"Learning new skills is essential for humans and is related to happiness"

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Movement Intelligence

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High tech equipment trains low tech bodies

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Play = Neuroscience and Biology

Behaviour Change

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Why Move?

Richard Courtney, Director of Cerebrun.

"Because we can" Ido Portal

Moving in playful ways is fun, inquisitive and challenges you to get more skills - how a kid naturally plays

Add details and a knowlegde to this and you’re on your way to new and exciting territory.

Movement allows us to instantly change our mood, reduces stress and anxiety, improve sleep quality, improve our memory, access a higher quality of life (irrespective of age), experience new challenges, is a vehicle for mindset training and thinking skills, focus and attention, communication, plus you can perform awesome skills! :-)

You may or may not be aware of movement issues and why they prevent you from acheiving your goals.
Moving with variety and a purpose to overcome injury & dysfunction is a different approach to a typical sports or overuse injury rehab. This requires extensive knowlege of the body, movement types, volumes and adapaptations...

Variey is crucial, you need a caoch without a sports/system bias, YOU REQUIRE KNOWLEDGE OF THE HUMAN!

Because mood, feelings and energy levels can be enhanced with simple and easily accessable movements, we help schools and worksites provide evidence based interventions to create healthier, happier and more productive environments.
You don’t have to be a brain surgeon to change your brain!

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